Los Angeles [adultfyi.com] - Ron Jeremy has been quite the media darling since his book, “Ron Jeremy The Hardest [Working[ Man in Porn" came out this month. In one of the chapters, Jeremy describes the first time he met Chuck Traynor who was then married to Marilyn Chambers.

Jeremy only knew Traynor by reputation, noting that Traynor had been the man responsible for orchestrating Linda Lovelave's porn career. Lovelace, who starred in the movie Deep Throat, went on to write a book of her own called Ordeal in which she claimed, among other things, that Traynor held a gun to her head during the making of the movie.

"I heard from very reliable sources that Linda was lying," Jeremy writes.

"She was just resentful about how quickly her star had fizzled," Jeremy continues. It's Jeremy's thinking that Lovelace, who was beginning to lose the spotlight to up and comers like Chambers,concocted outlandish stories abou kidnappings and beatings which played into the hands of anti-porn fanatics and feminists.

"The media played it up. But none if it was true," says Jeremy who goes on to note that before she did Deep Throat, Lovelace, courtesy of Traynor, starred in a number of stag films with titles like Piss Orgy and The Fist and The Foot.

"But the most infamous was a bestiality loop called Dogarama or Dog Fucker," writes Jeremy.

According to Jeremy, he never saw the film but got the story from Eric Edwards who performed with Lovelace in most of the loops and claimed he held the dog while Lovelace had sex with it.

"From what I understand, Lovelace sucked the dog's dick and then got fucked- literally- doggie style," Jermey states. "The dog's name was Norman." Jeremy also makes it clear that he's never personally been a witness to something like this and never would be.

"She [Lovelace] claimed that Traynor forced her to do it, that he promised to kill her if she didn’t have sex with a canine on film. I don’t buy any of that story.”